About Us

Who We Are

IJM Land Berhad has emerged as one of Malaysia’s

leading property developers

with sprawling townships, integrated developments, residential and commercial properties, as well as industrial parks in strategic growth areas across the country. In the United Kingdom, IJM Land is the developer of the much sought-after Royal Mint Gardens project in central London.

The Light, Penang
The Light, Penang
The Fairway, Pengerang, Johor
The Fairway, Pengerang, Johor
Rimbayu Business Hub, Selangor
Rimbayu Business Hub, Selangor
Track Record

Each of IJM Land’s developments has always been a masterpiece in its own right, because each one is masterplanned with the end in mind.

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View Track Record
View Track Record
Our Story

We believe that it is not just what we do, but how we do, that allows us to constantly push the boundaries of



This results in a holistic symbiosis that creates a sincere and harmonious consideration for people, businesses, economies and nature, bringing life to everything we do.

We aim to lead the way by being a visionary and award-winning real estate developer that weaves together the threads of community and sustainability, and it is our promise to create properties that turn spaces into stories that last a lifetime.

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Ecocentric Way of Living

We embrace sustainability as an approach, not just a feature or process. The habitats that we create endeavour to support, complement, and strengthen nature. In an ever evolving world, we are continuously innovating to create effective and responsible solutions for our communities and the planet.

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Quality and Value Creation

For over three decades, we have led the way, ensuring the value of your realty remains robust and resilient, even in challenging times. We strive to walk hand-in-hand with you as neighbours and friends, providing support and quality services throughout your entire journey.

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Tailor-made Solutions

Your voice represents the purpose for everything that we plan, design, build and manage. From defining innovative features and thoughtful developments, to acres of lush natural greenery and unrivalled amenities, we take pride in understanding your wants and needs.

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Commitment to Excellence

Defined by earning your trust and exceeding your expectations, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in all that we do. Excellence is our driving force; it influences every decision in our commitment to provide purposeful solutions to, for, and with you.

All that makes us
Distictively IJM

We constantly create distinctive properties and horizons that reflect your ideas, ideals, and dreams.