IJM Land and Progressture Solar sign MoU on Solar Deployment with 40 MWp Capacity for Solarised Townships and Floating Solar Farm's Image

IJM Land and Progressture Solar sign MoU on Solar Deployment with 40 MWp Capacity for Solarised Townships and Floating Solar Farm

Publish Date Published on 09 Jul 2024
Author Date By Chai Kian Soon
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At IJM Land, we are dedicated in ensuring our developments are delivered with excellence and care. Our continuous efforts often lead us into dynamic spaces, such as where the convergence of real estate and renewable energy takes place. This is our commitment in light of larger industry and national aspirations towards meeting sustainability targets.

Speaking of light, our partnership with Progressture Solar allows us to generate electricity from solar energy through solar deployment in IJM Land’s developments. With a total capacity of 40 MWp, the roll-out encompasses residential solar rooftop PV systems with a capacity of 25 MWp and a floating solar farm with a capacity of 15 MWp spanning 37.5 acres at IJM Rimbayu. Our projection is that altogether, this will reduce 40,997 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and over 1 million tonnes in the next 25 years.

We are in lockstep not only with overarching sustainability aspirations but also with its effects in shaping the current priorities of our customers. We believe that our approach with Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) via this deployment is an outcome of the synergy of impeccable product and service offerings. This is one of the ways we demonstrate attentiveness towards our customers.

Making renewable energy accessible across IJM Land’s developments follows a comprehensive yet phased model to yield optimal results. With that said, harnessing solar energy does not need to be complicated. Because it is our commitment at IJM Land to make it accessible to our customers in facilitating homeownership as a whole.

Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, CEO of IJM Land (second right) with Datuk Tony Ling Thou Lung, COO of IJM Land (right), Cliff Siaw Sze Hau, Co-Founder and CEO of Progressture Solar (second left) as well as Ng Yew Weng, Co-Founder and COO of Progressture Solar (left) at the MoU signing ceremony at IJM Rimbayu.

Pre-installed solar rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels on homes are designed to maximise space available and help homeowners on-board renewable energy solutions.

Floating solar farms address the challenge of space constraints that come with solar farms built on land.

Chai Kian Soon
Senior General Manager 
Central Region of IJM Land


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