Introducing The Promenade: IJM Land Redefines Commercial Excellence in Rimbayu, Selangor

20 Mar 2024
Introducing The Promenade: IJM Land Redefines Commercial Excellence in Rimbayu, Selangor

THE Promenade by IJM Land, an extension of its commercial development, is poised to redefine the commercial and retail experiences at IJM Rimbayu in Selangor.

Launched earlier this month, The Promenade blends retail and lifestyle propositions in a sustainable manner.

Its developer said it was aimed at emulating the function of promenades in ancient Rome as central hubs for community engagement.

The envisioned development seamlessly integrates an all-encompassing commercial district designed to function as a transit hub not only for IJM Rimbayu residents but also serving as a convenient layover stop for interstate travellers.

The development is strategically positioned at key connecting junctions leading to major highways such as Shah Alam Expressway (Kesas), North-South Expressway Central Link (Elite), South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), Kajang-Seremban Highway (Lekas), and the upcoming West Coast Expressway (WCE).

It also benefits from being a catchment area for significant local and passer-by footfall from neighbouring Jalan Kebun to Bandar Saujana Putra, while serving as a transit stopover for those avoiding heavy traffic on the Elite highway to nearby towns Banting and Jenjarom in Kuala Langat.

The Promenade boasts a gross development value (GDV) of RM300mil, making it a critical transit hub linking the entire network of IJM Rimbayu’s residential and commercial constituents.

The Promenade represents Phase 21 of IJM Rimbayu and will blend community convergence and dynamic retail experiences while embracing sustainability with a GreenRE Bronze assessment certification.

It will utilise passive design measures that result in energy efficiency and overall comfort.

The layout of the GreenRE-certified 110 shop offices within The Promenade has been planned to provide natural ventilation and minimise direct sunlight exposure while also harnessing the sunlight to generate electricity through solar PV panels on the roof of the buildings.

Priced from RM2.09mil, the shop offices are neatly configured in parallel rows of eight to 10 units each with larger three-storey corner shop offices flanking two-storey variants. They beckon with their wide storefronts, providing multifunctional spaces for various activities.

There is also a central strip of parking space on both sides, enhancing the accessibility and visibility of shop office units.

It is intended to be an obstacle- free zone for all. External pathways for disabled individuals have been laid out along with accessible ground-floor toilets.

IJM Land senior general manager Chai Kian Soon said, “Additionally, family-friendly amenities like spacious walkways and seating areas have been provided as we take into consideration that the majority of the shops here are intended to serve the whole community.

“IJM Land is renowned for curating lifestyle-centric spaces.

“Our vision for The Promenade is grand because we see it evolving into a vibrant lifestyle nucleus pulsating with diverse experiences in Bandar Rimbayu.

“Offering an array of lively retail, dining and entertainment options, The Promenade will be the epicentre of the community, which boasts a residential population of 15,930, with an additional 30,000 residents within a 5km radius.”

IJM Land’s reputation as a developer committed to green, responsible and sustainable design can be seen at The Promenade.

The developer’s commitment to meeting the needs of a thriving and diverse community is also underscored with proposals to build a mosque and schools in the area.

It is envisioned that this commercial addition will enhance the value of residential properties within the precincts of Flora, Fauna, Bayu and others in the vicinity.

The Promenade is expected to benefit from the spillover effect of the successful commercial launches of IJM Land’s Uptown and Uptown Square, coupled with the high occupancy rates at Blossom Drive and Blossom Square.

It is projected that there will be 6,500 residential units surrounding this area, providing convenient access to many facilities for residents upon the maturity of the township.

Chai further said, “Here at The Promenade, we are ensuring that the commercial component of shop offices takes centre stage, seamlessly integrating with the vibrant lifestyle elements.

“It is a place where a simple stroll becomes invigorating as residents will be surrounded by lush greenery and captivating aesthetics.

“We want everyone who comes here to be able not just to shop but to have fun, interact with others and thrive as a community.”

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