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Connectivity matters in our lives

Publish Date Published on 26 Mar 2021
Author Date By Mak Kum Shi
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Connectivity is about being connected. Although this term is used in connecting one place to another, it has a deeper meaning in many ways. Let’s explore what connectivity is, by its definition, importance, and why we need it in our lives.

Connectivity is more than just about public transportation infrastructure or getting from one place to another. It plays an essential role in economic development, as it unlocks the potential of closely interlinked production networks and value chains. As an integrated whole, connectivity stimulates growth and prosperity through trade, transport, information communications technology (ICT), energy, people, and technology.

Connectivity contributes to the development of domestic and regional markets, which stimulates growth and raises living standards. Land transport infrastructure networks also contribute to such development through trade. ICT applications for trade and transport facilitation improve the efficiency of freight movements. Fibre optic connectivity provides cost-effective broadband access on both intraregional and intercontinental basis.

The need for connectivity

All-rounded connectivity is important because it stimulates growth by providing domestic enterprises with access to a more excellent pool of resources and markets, enabling them to scale up their production and reach a broader consumer base. The creation of economic activity contributes to the development of townships, towns, and cities. The growth of these localities is also due to population growth, which is the result of and contributes to economic development.

Connectivity is also a necessary and integral aspect of regional integration. At the core of regional connectivity are several key regional networks, namely trade and transport, ICT, energy infrastructure, and people-to-people networks. By reinforcing each other, their simultaneous development achieves effective regional connectivity and maximises its benefits. Regional connectivity can enhance the effectiveness of regional networks to facilitate the flows of goods, services, people, and knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to look beyond the traditional analyses of connectivity, which are focused on the physical dimensions of networks, to consider also their qualitative aspects.

Why we need excellent connectivity

When we look for a place to live or work in, we should consider connectivity, not just accessibility, as a significant factor to consider for our homes and businesses. A connected home would ideally be close to centres of economic activity to find attractive employment opportunities. It should also have the necessary telecommunications infrastructure to enable ICT connectivity. The prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic has not just made fast Internet connectivity crucial at the workplace. Fast Internet connectivity is now also a daily essential at homes, and this is highly dependant on the existing telecommunications infrastructure in townships.

While the pandemic has disrupted the way business works, there is greater demand for products and services in various industries, such as logistics, manufacturing, ICT, and healthcare. Connectivity has become more important than it was previously before the pandemic. Therefore, it is important for businesses to take advantage of changes in the ways of business.

These changes in business provide career opportunities in these industries. Therefore, it is worth considering to reskill and upskill with relevant skill sets to have more options in securing employment opportunities in different industries. Skills that are highly sought after include digital skills and communication skills.

In conclusion, connectivity plays an important role in economic development and business. Good connectivity can enhance our businesses and careers while providing us with opportunities to reskill and upskill ourselves through digital education. Therefore, when considering a place to live or start a business, consider an area that has excellent connectivity infrastructure.

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